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For Property Managers

Hank’s Plumbing can provide you, the Property Manager, peace of mind when you have plumbing problems or heating issues. Our technicians go above and beyond to complete the repair while keeping you in the loop the whole way. We don’t want you surprised by a large bill.  Before it comes to that, our technician will contact you with a verbal or written quote and ask to proceed. We believe being upfront with our pricing is the best policy. Once quoted, we will follow up efficiently and be available to answer all your questions.

It has been our practice to repair before replacing anything. This is, more often than not, the most cost-effective way to keep owners happy. Our technicians have been known to find unique solutions to strange problems, therefore, they are rarely stumped.

We offer a quick response to your calls and can set up each appointment directly with your tenants, if you prefer. You choose how you wish to contact us for service: phone, cell, voicemail or email. We choose to dispatch geographically giving you the quickest response possible. In the case of larger buildings, we assign one person as your primary service technician so that he becomes familiar with the smallest of details which reduces the time required to troubleshoot a problem. Rest assured we will react quickly to your day-to-day issues as well as emergencies.

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