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FAQ'S - Toilets

Low Flush Toilet Problems

Till the year 2001 there was a lot of consumer dissatisfaction with 1.6 GAL toilets. The manufacturers had to design and build them to meet a government water conservation deadline and in many cases simply didn’t produce a good flushing 1.6 gpf toilet initially. They blamed the government. The consumer blamed the manufacturer or plumber. Whatever – we were stuck (no pun intended) with them. Some in our trade (who think about this kind of thing), even proposed using 2 1/2″ drain pipes instead of 3″ drains. That would make for a higher ratio of water to solids (think cross section) carrying the waste in the pipe. This points out the first problem. The W/Cs were designed and tested on modern plumbing. That is, 3″ plastic drains – not older 4″ to 6″ cast iron. There is very little water (again think cross section) at the bottom of a 6″ cast iron pipe to move waste along. Low flush W/Cs do work better in new homes. Other situations that we’ve seen that effect low flush W/Cs are; where the toilet is in the house and what other plumbing fixtures are available to wash down the drain pipes. Toilets on the end of long runs to the building drain outfall are most likely to plug up. It’s important to keep a CONSTANT 1/4″ per foot grade.

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