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Common Problems With Air Conditioning Systems

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Any machine that has mechanical and electrical components runs the risk of going wrong from time to time. With an air conditioning unit you will likely feel the effects of any problems before you realize that something is malfunctioning, especially in mid-summer. If your air conditioning unit is playing up you will need to call a professional to help you out. Occasionally the problem may be something very simple, so check out our quick troubleshooting guide below, but remember – these machines are complex and subject to strict regulations, so if in doubt do not meddle!

Plumbing Emergencies – What You Can Do

Even the most well maintained homes with robust plumbing systems will occasionally suffer from a plumbing emergency. Unexpected extreme weather conditions can easily catch people out causing pipes to burst, and the odd washer or fitting working loose is simply a fact of life. There are two things that make a difference to the level of damage incurred in these situations: how you react when you discover the issue, and who you call to fix the problem.

How can I afford to pay for my new heating or cooling system?

Considering a new air conditioning system or heating system? It can be a big investment.

Too HOT?

We can help yes. In Calgary, we do get some hotter days as you know. At Hanks Plumbing and Gasfitting, we have a qualified air conditioning mechanic on staff to reliably quote and install your new air conditioning system.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service at Hanks Plumbing is our number one priority.

What should I look for when choosing a new heater?

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Here are some general rules of thumb when you are ready to replace your existing equipment:

Are some heating manufacturers or brands better than others?


That’s why we only recommend the most reliable heating systems on the market. However, the manufacturer or brand is only one part of a high performance and reliable heating system – the heating system design and the quality workmanship that are utilized are crucial to having a long lasting, reliable and trouble free heating system that reduces your energy bills.

It’s been a long time since I shopped for a new heating system


It’s been a long time since I shopped for a new heating system – or – I’ve never purchased a new heating system before. What is available to me as a consumer?

“My pilot has gone out in my furnace.”

If it is an older furnace with a standing pilot, find the gas valve and turn to “pilot” position. Depress knob. Follow small gas line from valve to pilot light with a long match or lighter, while continuing to keep knob depressed for 30 seconds. Let up slowly and turn gas valve knob back to “on” position.

Plugged Sewer? Check out our new sewer camera!

We can also precisely locate the problem above ground and mark it for future repairs. It is truly a marvel to have this capability available to you our customer.

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